Glam Edge aims to be more than just a rental portal. To achieve something innovative and to be beyond an ordinary rental service, they offer exquisitely designed evening gowns rental service as well as modern and timeless occasion wear to purchase.


The Assignment

Design – To have a friendly and straightforward design to all Malaysian female audiences.
Development – Select a suitable platform and development tools for Glam Edge in order to suit all their needs.

Glam Edge wanted a platform that is fast, reliable and suitable for their industry. We needed to make a decision that is future-proofed for Glam Edge (e.g. being able to monitor sales, shipping and managing their products).


Shopify is the best choice for this project as we can have multiple themes select. Furthermore, requested website e-commerce features is straightforward and we got it all covered from Shopify’s features.


Wrapping it up!

Once we finalised a theme for Glam Edge, we began to modify and edit the theme colours, spacing and wireframe and to get the website up and running in no time. We have a limited timeframe for this project and Shopify is the best case for our development.