Digital presence and rebranding on website

Our task is to revamp Konica Minolta corporate website and promote it to various digital platforms and reach more target audience digitally.

The Assignment

  1. Introduce a new digital branding design
  2. Presenting various products & solutions to customers
  3. Attract potential customers with various media
  4. Collect website analytic & insights for future marketing campaign


User Interface

Konica Minolta is a technology-driven company hence the web design had to represent their company’s culture and vision. We are in charge of redesigning all of their existing design, from typography to icons and adapt it into the new website.

Konica Minolta Work

Content Management System

Konica Minolta CMS Gallery 1

Page Management

All of the pages are custom designs and the system has to allow its editors to create, edit and reorder the page with a simple drag and drop gesture.

Konica Minolta CMS Gallery 2

Template Selection

We have developed more than 15 templates for the client so that they are able to wholly manage it in the future; either by creating new page or editing existing pages.

Konica Minolta CMS Gallery 3

Editing A Page

Editing is easy with WordPress! We have set up and customised the system to keep the editing flow as straightforward as possible.

Marketo Integration


Aside of WordPress development, we also custom built form module and integrate with Marketo API on all leads collection forms on the website.

Wrapping it up


Our challenge was giving the brand a digital identity and also to make sure that the website looks contemporary.


Aside from design, we also need to ensure website has good performance when browsing—especially when audiences are using mobile with cellular data.

Collected Analytic

We had implemented Google Analytics tracking into the website and it will collect page visits, button clicking and other user behaviour information on the go. Data definitely plays a big role on this website. We will make use of collected data and plan accurately for future campaigns with Konica Minolta