An emerging Pearl crafted with you in mind—a retail project by one of the pioneer developers in Old Klang Road. Much like a second home, Pearl Shopping Gallery (PSG) takes care of all your daily needs and sporadic wants together with Pearl Point Shopping Mall.


The Assignment

  1. Introduce a new brand identity
  2. Presenting a sense of luxury & exciting products to customers
  3. Attract potential high-performing employees


Making it fun & lively!

We were tasked to design the website with a lively and modern tone and we wanted to take this opportunity to explore with colours.

Pearl Shopping Gallery

Site loading speed concern

There’s a lot of content to fit in one particular section of the website. In order to optimise website performances, we used an AJAX approach to load the contents. With this approach, we could speed up loading times and lower the bandwidth when user is browsing the website from mobile devices.


Speed tests & SEO

We’ve optimised the site from desktop to mobile devices and ensured the scripts, images and contents are able to load properly on all kinds of devices. These optimisations play an important role in the SEO too.

Pearl Shopping Gallery

Wrapping it up!

We’re lucky to have the chance to explore a wild and fun design for Pearl Shopping Gallery. Our production teams have spent a lot of efforts to develop and optimise the site in order to adapt with the wild design ideas.