Website Performance Optimisation

Website speed drives conversions and sales.

Speed is important. It’s like your daily commute. The faster you get to your destination, the higher chances of getting things done. Users are impatient. Websites need to be fast to serve the content and messaging to its users.


So how do we improve website performance when it comes to speed?


Minimum HTTP Requests

What is an HTTP Request? Each time someone visits your website, the web browser will pings your website files (e.g. Javascript/CSS) from your web hosting company and load it onto your browser.

We need to combine these elements together, pile all scripts into one and combine all CSS/Javascript codes into a single sheet as the more files that web browser ping, the longer time it take the website to load.


Resource Compression

Another way to improve website speed is through compression, an usual Javascript file will contain 15~50kbs each, we have to compress the codes and inline it.



Aside of compressing Javascript & CSS file, we need to optimise all the images as well. As for image compression, we usually will optimise at Tiny PNG.


Content Delivery Network

Content Delivery Networks refers to a group of servers spread in multiple locations around the world which work together to shrink file sizes and send files faster.

Instead of requesting your website files from a server that is not located in your country, you can request your website file from a CDN server nearby your location/country.


Lazy loading

Lazy loading is a technique that defers loading assets that is not within user’s browser viewport. Possibly your website is loading stuff that the user may never see.


When we lazy load images and video, we reduce initial page load time, initial page weight, and system resource usage, all of which have positive impacts on performance.


Website Speed Testing Tools

There are some great online tools that we use to analyze the speed of our websites. These tools are very helpful in deciding if your website needs some tweaking:

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